What to Expect from an Online Gambling Site

About a week ago, admins stuck around long enough at live casinos which were ideal for admins. The admin talks about the sights, the smells, the games, the drinks waiter, everything a live casino has to offer which I think is ideal.

But what about online gambling sites, of course you ask, of course, the admin is not suggesting that they are perfect in every way.

No, online sites are not perfect. Far from it, actually. But online casinos have been around for only a few decades, while live casinos have taken centuries to hone every aspect of their operations to the good.

Think of online sites as a teenager. Teenagers are clueless, stupid and selfish, but who isn’t at that age. Online sites are all that, sometimes funny, but like teenagers, they can be made to learn.

So now it’s time for a strong love, the world of online sites. You may have developed some bad habits in your short time here on earth, but with a few adjustments, perhaps some life-changing changes can bring you closer to what I envision the perfect online gambling site.

Don’t Make Admins Looking For Online Slot Gambling Information
If you’re unlicensed, you’re not an online site judi slot online, you’re just a bunch of people hoping the admins will send you some money in exchange for the “opportunity” to play a scam, which makes until there’s no more admin money left.

If you want free money, open a GoFundMe account. Begging may not be the most honorable method of earning money, but at least it’s honest. And if you have a license, then show admin the license. Give the admin the license number and where it was obtained.

Tell the admin what rules you must follow by your licensing jurisdiction. Link to those rules so admins can see for themselves. And do this on your landing page.

Admin should point out that sometimes there are exceptions regarding licenses. There are several legitimate reasons why online gambling may not be licensed for a certain period of time.

While we generally recommend avoiding any game without a license, exceptions can be made if an established and trusted gambling site is temporarily without a license for perfectly acceptable reasons.

Stop Treating Five-Inch Phone Screens Like a Jumbotron
Somewhere, there was a tiny, tiny person with fingers like tiny pencils. This person also had large, slick eyes that could read the bottom line of a graph from outer space.

This person is employed by all the online sites to test their latest mobile gambling apps. Several software companies, as well as the online sites they work with, understand the problems inherent in downsizing table games to 3×5-inch screens.

Using a variety of techniques, including understanding when close-up action is preferable to seeing a split from a live dealer, for example, the software company has developed a game that translates well to the small screen.

These companies admins call them humanitarians, because they understand the possibility that some of us aren’t infinitesimal sized people, but are, in fact, most regular sized people. A regular sized person who has fat fingers and eyes that squint at a stop sign.

People who don’t have pockets big enough to accommodate a phone with the best and large 14-inch screen we needed to play.

So why doesn’t everyone use that software. Maybe because some online sites don’t care enough to spend the extra money. In addition, slot gambling represents the majority of gambling there online. And slot machines work well in small formats.

Given all that stuff, I guess I can’t expect miracles, but if a software company or two can come up with a workable solution that fat people like admins can access, then anything can.

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