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You can play $1000 Buy, you can play poker for free but all you don’t do is play your cards. You are also playing with or rather you are trying to influence the other players at the table so that they do what you want. Your goal, of course, is for them to donate to your pile!

Play the player has 2 sides. With regard to your game, you try to read other players , read their playing style, know their emotions and drivers and from here play your cards optimally.

On the opposing player’s side, you try to play it to increase the error rate they use in classifying your playing style, motivations and actions.

To learn how to do this, let’s look at an example of playing players in action from a WSOP event.

BLINDS 50k / 100k

A has Ac-Qh raise 350k

B big blind, has Kc-Js, calls 230k (Pot 880k)

KJ is usually a bit weak to call gains. In addition, B has no position above A, but he called because he wanted A to guess.

From the big blind, we generally only call because we have a discount, so we may have 6-5, 10-8, and a bunch of other indeterminate hands to guess.

FLOP 4d-5h-3d

B bet 535k

Since the small card fell, B now wants A to think that his call from the big blind hit the Flop, and that his hand may include an undetermined hand such as 5-4, 8-5, or even 6-7, or two Diamonds. But what does A think?

A increases to 1,8m (Pot 3,215m)

B need 1.265m to call

Here, A thinks that B’s bet is just a follow-up bet, and with a small card falling, A’s belief is strengthened that B is just trying to finish the game. What is the probability of a small card hitting B?

In addition, B has been playing aggressively all night (stealing pots, etc.) so that B can bet with something (which is not possible with a small card falling) or nothing. B can play anything, especially from the big blind.

At that point, A bets that B has nothing. He could also judge that if B had something and came in later then he could move quickly. So he got up to try the power of B.

B fold

B folds, because indeed he has nothing, and if he calls, he will commit to continue. If B went all-in then it would be a good all-in, because A can still guess at this point B’s hand. But B’s cards aren’t strong enough.

Also, he folds, because A is raised from late position, which allows for a wider range of hands, such as even 5-4 or two Diamonds.

Poker, indeed, is not just a game of good hands versus good hands. Experienced poker players will win with bad hands under the right conditions.

We give credit to B for first trying to win with a bad hand, a good attempt to play his player.

Unfortunately for B, A does a very good job of playing the player as well, having recorded his previous actions and motivations and relating them to the text and current probabilities and thus playing to win well.


It takes time to learn how to play online or offline poker at a level above the unthinkable and unlearned “chip throw” seen at many tables when you play free poker .

Most players will never make this kind of effort to learn how to play poker, they just prefer to use basic ideas and hope for luck – and if you rely on luck then luck will indeed rule your game and you will never be much. poker player.

So if you do have poker ambitions, spend plenty of time learning how to play poker well. Strategies like the ones we discuss in this article are an important part of things. Make sure you think about what you are playing and why and how it can affect other players’ perceptions of you and your hand – then try and fake it to your advantage!

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