Important Terms in Online Slot Games

Of the many online casino games, of course you have heard of maybe even playing online gambling slot games. This game has a uniqueness that can make you addicted to playing the game. There are many types of games available in online slot games.

So sometimes we as gambling players who want to play get confused, don’t know which one to choose to play. There are online slot games provided with Chinese New Year themes, some with racing themes — races, some with fish nuances, some with horror themes, some with star garden friends and many more.

However, there are games that are mentioned by senior gambling players or who used to play for quite a long time, saying that there are online slot gambling games that pay us more often than spend our cash.

Online Slot Game Terms

Wild and Scatter
Wild is considered a joker if at the time of doing this a lot of spins and wilds come out. Then the payment that you will get is very large, because it can function into anything that is related to each other. Then the scatter is the champion where if at the time of the spin you get 2 or 3 scatters, you will get a free spin bonus judi slot. And for how many times the amount is different for each type of the biggest jackpot online slot.

Types of Online Slot Games Most Interested in Online Gamblers

Great Blue
Great blue is very famous because of the many fans who play. In the great blue game there are numbers and pictures of sea animals. The numbers are nine, ten, jack, queen and king. Then the animals in the great blue game are sharks, whales, starfish, pearls or shells, turtles, seahorses, and fish. Wild in this great blue game is a whale, then the scatter is a pearl or shell. The free spins in this great blue are giving you a choice where each shell has a number.

Frankie Dettori’s
This game has a lot of fans because the pay is very large. In this game there are numbers ten, jack, queen, king and ace. Then there are pictures of Frankie’s face, trophies, magnets, the Magic Seven table and rackets. Wild in Frankie Dettori’s game is a picture of a smiling face, then the scatter is a table picture that says wagic seven. The free spins are if in one spin, scatter 1 comes out 1x free spins, scatter 3 gets 5x free spins, scatter 4 gets 25x free spins and scatter 5 gets 250x free spins.

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