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Indonesia’s Trusted Real Money Online Blackjack

Table games are now mostly played in the live dealer version on trusted real money online blackjack gambling sites. The world of online live casino gambling has entered a new phase where bettors play it no longer just with an ordinary virtual system but by using a live dealer system which is now owned by almost all trusted real money online blackjack gambling sites. Although the games that can be played with the live dealer system are limited to table games, bettors always feel happy to play them because they feel closer to the actual conditions of bettor playing gambling at the casino.

Why are Live Dealers Popular in the Best Online Live Casino Gambling Sites?

Table games are variations of live casino gambling games Agen Ion Club the most played in the live dealer version. This is the innovation most favored by bettors today because they seem closer to feeling the sensation of playing gambling that they actually see in a real casino. One of the most popular forms of live dealer games by bettors is real money online blackjack. Although played as a live dealer, all variations of blackjack can be played.

This game is the most sought after by bettors if they are using this live dealer facility because bettors can deal directly with the dealer who serves them. Not only seeing the dealer dealing cards and guiding the game in real time and directly in human form, the bettor will also fight the dealer to successfully win the game considering the goal of blackjack is to beat the dealer while focusing on collecting 21.

This is a challenging game because there are not many live casino gambling games that bettors can play against the dealer. If they usually only see the virtual, this time the dealer is present in the live version of the human player who will fight seriously. This can make bettors feel as if they are actually sitting in front of them as seen in the casino. But what are the reasons bettors love this real money online live dealer blackjack game? Here are some reasons:

Still have the lowest house edge among other table games

The house edge is the advantage of mathematical calculations given to the casino or agent of the game the bettor is playing. This house edge will cause you to lose and a percentage of that value will belong to the house or casino. The average casino gambling game has a house edge of around 4% and 6%, but some have a bigger house edge, namely dozens or even tens. This bigger house edge will give the bettor a bigger loss. However, even blackjack has only about 1% or even less than that for the traditional blackjack versions that have always been played in land-based casinos. The house edge in this blackjack game can still be lowered again so that bettors will be more profitable and the way to keep this blackjack game has a low percentage is to follow the rules and use the most basic strategies so that bettors can still increase their chances of winning in the game. .

All variants can be played in the form of a live dealer

As previously stated, the online blackjack gambling game for real money online has a lot of variations that are fun for bettors. The more providers or developers that work with the agent, the more unique and fun blackjack variations can be played in the live version. You will never get bored playing blackjack again. There are many opportunities and methods to win the game. Although the basics are the same, there are still several different rules and methods in playing this one gambling.

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Tips for Smoothly Playing Trusted Online Casino Gambling For Beginners

Tips for smoothly playing trusted online casino gambling agents for real money for beginners by understanding the game and having to increase knowledge regarding the types of gambling being played. Smoothness in playing online gambling bets of course depends on the way the players apply, so if you want to be smooth in playing various types of online gambling. So you must have an understanding of the ways and stages in playing it, of course later being able to play bets according to these stages is one of the tips for playing smoothly Agen Ion Casino for beginners so as not to be mistaken in playing the first bet you play it. Tips for Smoothly Playing the Best Online Gambling Cheap Mobile Deposits Many players experience difficulties and defeats in winning these online casino gambling bets, because it is not appropriate to play the ways that are applied to entry for novice players who still do not have much understanding regarding the type of gambling being played, then of course there will be many difficulties. experienced. So there are some important points that must be learned in order to smooth the way even though you are still a novice player. The following are suggestions for smoothly playing trusted online casino live bookies for beginners:

Understanding the game

You are advised to be able to understand the whole of the type of game being played in order to ensure the smooth running of the gambling game that will be played, because you already have understandings regarding the type of game. Therefore, as a novice player, of course, you are advised to have an understanding of the terms used by the game you want to play and how to understand the rules and stages in the provisions for winning or losing in this type of gambling.

Where all these understandings are important to ensure smooth trial and error, you can calculate ways in an effective way to be applied according to the right situation with the understanding you already have.

Increase knowledge

And then you are also expected to be able to increase your knowledge, both through articles and blogs on the internet and also be able to learn with other online mobile casino gambling agent players in various forums. Of course, everything is important to understand so that you continue to increase your understanding and knowledge regarding the game. With a lot of understanding, of course, victory will be easier to get. Because you already know how to get the right win.

Then the more weaknesses you have, of course, the more opportunities or opportunities to win can be obtained more easily, because you will not experience many mistakes when playing later.

Can control myself

And of course you are required to be able to control yourself during live casino gambling so you can still buy clothes and focus on observing the course of the game, so you can pay attention to all situations that are happening in the midst of ongoing bets and can take into account the right way to apply when playing and it is certain that bets will be easy to play and win as long as you always control yourself well so you are not easily careless and in a hurry in carrying out playing steps that can be wrong in order to avoid defeat.

Know the limits of playing

And also the last suggestion is that you have to know the limits of playing so you don’t exceed the limit when playing the bets which can have a lot of difficulties and multiplication can be overcome, but if you play according to your ability then it is certain that the bets played are always likely to be won.

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3 Trusted Online Casino Gambling Table Games Played With Live Dealer System

Table games are the most common menu played in the live dealer system of trusted online casino gambling and all of them are well-known games. Table games are the menu for the most common online live casino gambling game category played by all bettors in the world, both in land-based and online casinos Agen Casino Bet88 .
Even these table games are now played with a live dealer system which is much more fun and interesting where each table will be served by a beautiful and sexy dealer. But the game method is no different from what you usually play.

What are the Table Games in the Trusted Online Gambling Sites Played Live?

In fact, bettors certainly know what categories of trusted online gambling games exist throughout the world, especially casinos. Casino gambling games are divided into several groups depending on the game media used for betting. When talking about real money online casino bookie games that are played with a live dealer system, there are not too many and only focus on table games. But of course the table games are not haphazardly provided.

Table games are real money online casino gambling games, which means that they are actually played on a table or layout with several bets in it. The game media is also different because some use cards, numbers, dice and even machines. Of course you may be curious about the variety of table gambling games that are played in the form of a live dealer and here are some recommendations that you can play and all of them have virtual versions, namely:


This is a casino gambling game which of course is mandatory for you to play in the form of a live dealer because this is one game that will be very challenging for you considering that here the bettor will play with the human dealer directly. You will face the dealer and if you usually play against the dealer in the form of photos or avatars when playing in the usual virtual online version, now you can clearly see the beautiful dealer who will be your opponent at the table and that means you have to try to beat him by having a higher card combination than the dealer so they bust and it would be better if the value was 21.


Another table game game that is fun for you to play live and definitely interesting is definitely the Baccarat gambling game. This is also included in the card gambling game which is played in a much easier method than before. Even with cards, bettors only need to guess which party has the highest or highest total card nominal, close to or even 9 among the Banker or Player. There is another bet with a higher profit value, namely Tie if the total value of the Player’s and Banker’s cards is the same. But often this Tie bet is missed because it is very difficult to win and not necessarily the bettor has a great chance to win. Of course this is an interesting thing because bettors will also see the game directly in front of their eyes.


Not only card gambling games that are played on a table that you can play in the form of a live dealer because Roulette itself is a table game even though it is played with a spinning wheel. However, at least the table in front of you is a betting table that you must play in it. You place a bet on a choice of numbers or other betting exchanges and after that the dealer will spin the real Roulette wheel while throwing a small ball that will determine the winner in the game.

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Unique Things About Live Dealer System In Trusted Online Casino Gambling

Maybe many bettors think what’s interesting about the live dealer system on a trusted online live casino gambling site when the online system already provides everything. Maybe quite a lot of bettors think what is really the most interesting part of a live dealer system other than being able to see everything in real life even if it’s only from a live streaming system. Of course, there are many interesting things that make you feel at home playing trusted online casino gambling Agen Asia855 this is without a doubt. Especially now that this system is adapted by various sites so that all casino sites will definitely offer the same thing. What’s Unique about Trusted Online

Casino Gambling Played With a Live System?

Trusted online casino gambling games will continue to develop following what is currently trending. When many bettors want to feel what it’s like to sit in a real casino and play gambling as is often seen in movies, now you don’t need to go directly to the original casino. Here you can stay seated in your room while staring at your computer or mobile phone to play online live casino gambling with a more sophisticated live dealer system.

This live dealer system will bring genuine online casino gambling games and their atmosphere right in front of you without the need for the name to go anywhere. Bettors can still enjoy all the gambling games they want, especially table games without having to sit at the real casino gambling table and just have to stare. However, the live dealer will help you to play the online live casino bookies list correctly and correctly even though you don’t communicate directly.

Is this live dealer gambling game interesting? This game is much more interesting than the conventional old system because it brings the sensation of a live gambling game that you have never done before. But the interesting point is not only there because the bettor must know what makes this game different and the bettor feels more able to increase the chances of winning in it and here are some of the reasons, among others:

The game is done manually

The thing that makes the duration of playing live dealer gambling longer is because the dealer himself does all the games starting from shuffling the dice and cards and so on. However, some bettors believe that dealers have their own method when they do this shuffling like dealers who are often found in land-based casinos in general without RNG so that various methods can still be done, such as tracking the appearance of numbers or cards in the previous output. That way, the bettor has an idea of ​​what they choose in the next bet they might play. The ordinary virtual online system does not allow bettors to see or predict the possible results that will occur in this game considering that everything has been regulated or controlled by the RNG which is a special chip to randomize the results so that it is impossible to track all predictions.

More focus on table games

This live dealer game is much more focused on table games. In fact, the category of online gambling games is much more than you might imagine. However, the most interesting thing in this live dealer system is that bettors can focus on only playing table games so that it is more profitable for bettors who focus on making profits more consistently than before. Not all casino gambling games can be played with a live dealer system and only gambling games with a dealer inside can be played using this live system. This means that live casino gambling such as online slots and video poker can never be played using a system like this.

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Advantages of Playing Sicbo Trusted Online Gambling With Even Money

Many bettors want to know how to win in the trusted online koprok dice gambling game Sicbo, but it’s not easy without the bettor knowing the strategy. Not a few bettors are always looking for ways to win the game daftar live casino Sicbo gambling, but in fact there is no specific method that is accurate because the trusted online Sicbo gambling game has no big difference with Roulette or Craps which requires luck to win. At least the bettor still has his own way to avoid losing while increasing the chances of winning, although in the end, hockey will decide. Why Bettors Should Choose Even Money When Playing the Best Koprok Dice Gambling Online?
When playing trusted online Sicbo gambling, then you must know about all the betting boxes in it and also any symbols or terms related to how the bettor makes bets in it. The strategy that bettors often use when playing Sicbo is that they choose to bet even money and for example like Odd Even or it can be Small Big which means Small Big. Bettors only need to guess the total number of 3 dice.

Here the bettor does not have to force himself to make a bet to guess directly the number that will appear in the dice but choose which group the numbers that appear are in, whether it is a Small or a Large group. If you play Small bet, then you need to guess if the total 3 dice drawn by the dealer is between 4 and 10 while the number of large dice is between 11 and 17. This kind of bet is similar to Roulette bet.

This means that the probability is around 50% for the bettor’s win. Most bettors who are familiar with this Sicbo game as well as beginners will still stick to and choose this Small Big bet compared to others, even though there are still lots of koprok dice gambling bets for this Sicbo game with a payout that is more tempting than even money. However, the house edge of this bet is only 2.78% which can still be accepted and tolerated by the bettor.

Even though it doesn’t look like a big profit, even money bets in Sicbo provide benefits and there are advantages so bettors can consider playing it and not be tempted by bets that are even more attractive, the odds include:

Don’t have to suffer a big loss

This is a benefit or advantage that is clearly visible when the bettor uses this one bet. They don’t have to lose a lot of betting money even when their guess is wrong at the time and lose. However, if you use a bet with a large house edge, then you will definitely experience a loss that is not small. If it continues to be forced, then the bankroll will obviously run out faster and this is something you don’t want especially if you still want to play online dice gambling for a long time.

Definitely can win

The reason why you should use even bets when playing Sicbo gambling is because you can definitely win the game. You don’t have to wait for that win for a long time because even money bets have only two choices between A or B that need to be guessed without having to guess specifically the numbers that appear in the dice so you will definitely win. Although there are times when your guess is wrong and you lose, it won’t be too often so choosing even money will definitely give you a consistent profit.

For beginners, playing even money bets is safer so they don’t have to be shocked or too depressed even if they lose and have to lose money. Beginners should start with the easiest first and this bet will make them understand how the Sicbo game system works on trusted online dice gambling sites.

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Probability of the Occurrence of Bets in the List of Trusted Online Baccarat Bookies

Baccarat games on trusted online gambling sites are considered a form of probability that bettors must know. The Baccarat game is very easy to play where bettors only need to try to choose one of the three betting options given in it without having to follow the round of the game and bets that are very difficult for them to play and spend a lot of bets on. Baccarat is a trusted online gambling game casino indonesia the most practical compared to others so it is natural that many bettors then try to calculate the probability.

Knowing the Occurrence of Baccarat Betting Probability in Real Money Online Gambling

Usually bettors always try to calculate the probability of winning they won in trusted online gambling games no matter what games they choose. All of this is done so that bettors know how many chances they have to win, including in the trusted online Baccarat bookie game. Bettors always find out about the probability of the appearance of each hand. Because the list of trusted online baccarat bookies, real money is played with a certain number of decks, the probabilities can be calculated.

If the bettor plays Baccarat using only one deck of cards, then the probability of the Player’s victory is 44.68% while for the Banker betting position it is 45.96% while the probability of a hand tie or draw is 9.36%. Meanwhile, if Baccarat is played using four decks of cards, then the Player has a 44.63% chance, while the Banker has a 45.88% chance while Tie has a 9.49% chance.

If you play Baccarat using 6 decks of cards then the odds for Player are 44.63% while Banker odds are around 45.87% and for Tie are 9.51%. However, there is a Baccarat game that is played with 8 decks where the chances for each occurrence are lower for each Banker and Player, but it will increase the chance for a Tie bet to appear here considering the more card decks there are, namely:

  • Player has a 44.62% chance of appearing
  • Banker has a 45.86% chance of appearing
  • Tie has a higher chance of emergence than other decks which is 9.52%

Currently, the most widely used is the 8 deck where you can see the odds of each of the bets that appear in it. If you pay attention to it, the fewer decks of cards used in the Baccarat game, the higher the chances of the Banker and Player appearing in it and the smaller the chance for Tie bets to appear in this game so changing the deck really makes a big difference. .

Maybe you think that the difference in the probability of occurrence between the Player and the Banker is so small that there is no such thing as a stark difference. However, of course, the Banker’s odds are greater and that can be seen in all the decks of cards played in this Baccarat. It’s just that from the probabilities that you see, the bettor also understands what types of bets the bettor should not play because the chances of it appearing are so small compared to the others.

Bettors should not choose Tie bets because it is less than 10% even for appearances no matter how many decks of cards are played in Baccarat and this proves that bettors are difficult to win if they bet Tie. Actually there is no prohibition against choosing Tie even if you want to, just choose this Tie bet with a large payout compared to Banker or Player. But, you just need to be patient because the process for its appearance is long.

It can be said that the process of the appearance of the Tie bet in this Baccarat bet list game is very rare. It doesn’t matter whether you play at a real casino or a trusted online gambling site, Tie bets are something you really can’t expect to happen quickly and bettors have to be patient and even maybe it’s not easy to get it even though you bet many times. That’s why bettors choose Banker or Player safe bets with even money payments.

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Popular Terms in the Trusted Online Baccarat Gambling Agent Game

Even though the trusted online live casino gambling game Baccarat is easy to play, bettors must understand the terminology or popular terms first so as not to get confused. All casino gambling games of any kind will look easy if the bettor is able to understand the rules as well as possible. An easy trusted online gambling game is Baccarat, one of them. However, bettors should not immediately play without knowing the terms or terminology related to the game agen casino online because this is very important to prevent so that you will not be confused at all when playing it.
What are the Terminology in Baccarat Trusted Online Gambling Dealers that Bettors Should Know?
All these trusted online gambling games have terms that bettors must master and know well to avoid confusion. To help the game you do, it takes an understanding of the various terms in this game because each terminology has a different understanding and meaning from one another. Luckily, the terms in this online Baccarat gambling agent game are not many and here are some of them:

  • Baccarat: This is a hand with a total value of 0
  • Banker Bet: This is a bet placed on the Banker position which is considered better than the Player Bet position in it.
  • Carte: This is a term used to request cards from the dealer
  • Chemin de Fer: This is the European version of the game Baccarat where the player will act as both banker and player
  • Coup: This is a round of Baccarat which takes place at the table
  • Croupier: The name for a special dealer in the game of Baccarat
  • Le Grande: This is a term used to indicate a total of 9 on all cards which is the highest number in the game of Baccarat
  • Mini Baccarat: This is the most common version of Baccarat in online gambling games where the casino or house takes care of the cards
  • Natural: 2 hand cards that immediately form a nominal number 8 or 9 in it
  • Player Bet: This is a bet placed to choose the Player who is considered able to beat the dealer’s card nominal
  • Punto Banco: Translated as Player and Banker and is one of the most common variations of the game Baccarat played in the United States or United States of America.
  • Shoe: This is the area where the cards you will play
  • Stand Off: A term that indicates that both the player’s and dealer’s hands are all the same
  • Tie Bet: This is a bet where 2 hands have the same face value
  • Those are all the terms that bettors need to know in playing real money online mobile Baccarat gambling lists and it’s not difficult to memorize them even with a little experience playing Baccarat will continue to help bettors to understand the game in it well. So that bettors are not confused about choosing and also realize what they have to do in this game, it is mandatory for bettors to learn all kinds of terms about this Baccarat game to the fullest.

Maybe some of you think that playing directly is also enough to help bettors understand the term directly, but actually that is not the case. When bettors play right away, they tend to be confused and don’t know what to do when faced with the term in front of their eyes. Obviously this is a loss because the bettor may choose the wrong one and in the end they will experience a loss in Baccarat.

No matter how easy a trusted online gambling game is, all of them will have the opportunity to give you a loss if you are not serious about playing the game. But if you are serious, then it is clear that what appears is the advantage and get to know Baccarat more closely through the terms in it so that you can easily make decisions and not carelessly choose dangerous bets.

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3 Bettor Betting Patterns When Playing Trusted Online Blackjack Gambling Agent

Playing a trusted online casino live casino Blackjack must be more careful and think smart like a professional so that you will not lose at all. When playing Blackjack, bettors tend to try to find the most effective way to win. They will try to find the best betting patterns that they can apply inside bandar judi casino to beat the Blackjack dealer who has always been known to be great at playing. There are quite a few ways to find the right betting pattern, although the bettor must know which one is the best and most effective. How do bettors bet on the list of the best online live casino bets?
Betting in a trusted online live casino gambling game Blackjack using the same nominal for each hand is the right and smart decision, especially if you are still a beginner in the Blackjack gambling agent game. But once you start playing Blackjack and know how to deal with different types of hands, then you will most likely want to change your betting pattern so that it is profitable.

What you should always remember when measuring your bet in Blackjack gambling is the result of the previous hand. You need to change the size of the bet to get the maximum win including deducting the losses you receive when you have a losing streak in it. It all depends on you when you decide and decide to bet and adjust it to your skills.

But of course, bettors also have to remember a few things first when playing this Blackjack gambling so that they don’t lose or experience bad problems in betting, including:

Using a cautious approach to betting

If you want to use a careful approach when betting, then your betting pattern will be shaped to increase your winnings. Every time you win, you need to raise the bet you have and play the game again. In other words, you also shouldn’t make bets with a nominal amount of money that you can’t accept if you lose and always survive even when you experience successive defeats in it.

Applying the Martingale betting system

If you are someone who believes in a betting system, then you can use it even though it doesn’t always guarantee victory, it’s not even proven to be able to give you the win you’re looking for. At least, doing this betting system gives the bettor an ease and its own advantages in reducing the expenses incurred due to betting. If you really believe in the betting system, then try choosing the Martingale which will make you double your bet every time you lose. The risk of losing more money is indeed great but you only need one win to get back the lost bet plus a little profit from this Blackjack gambling agent game.


There is also another option provided in this game, namely Surrender which may be the last option you use. Lots of bettors think that this Surrender doesn’t have to be the bettor’s choice when betting Blackjack. The reality is this Surrender can be one of the best weapons you have at this Blackjack table. When you use the Surrender feature at the right time, this option can reduce the house edge of the Blackjack game you are playing.

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Where Bettors Can Bet on High Roulette Trusted Online Gambling?

Besides Baccarat, a trusted online roulette gambling game that can invite high rollers is Roulette gambling with lots of high stakes. In addition to Baccarat, there are also other online gambling games that can invite high rollers to bet all-out, namely the trusted online gambling game Roulette. Only agen judi casino This trusted online casino roulette agent bookie is able to make bettors dare to compete with other bettors so that they too want to risk their funds in large quantities and there are places where bettors can maximize high stakes or high bets in this Roulette game. Where Do Bettors Place High Stakes Bet The Best Online Roulette Bet?
High Stakes clearly show big wins, especially for high rollers in the trusted online gambling game Roulette because large bets will clearly show big prizes for bettors. If you like to risk big funds and also take risks in the right way, then try to always play maximum on Roulette even though winning is not something that is easy to see because of the hockey factor.

In addition to Baccarat, Roulette is indeed considered a suitable game to play for high rollers who dare to bet large amounts of money and games that allow bettors to bet big are the high rollers’ favorite. High stakes in this Roulette game mean a Roulette game that is played with a large betting limit. In general, these high stakes are very tempting for the best real money online roulette betting bettors.

But, the question is where can bettors maximize the use of large bets for this Roulette gambling game? Here are some places where bettors can bet with a high nominal limit for online Roulette games, including:

VIP club

Most of the cheap deposit android online gambling sites always provide a program known as a loyalty program and this is also known as a VIP program. Of course there are certain requests or conditions that bettors need to fulfill when they want to join the VIPs on the site. Usually there are conditions where the bettor must collect loyalty points or also make a deposit with a certain nominal requested by the agent. When the bettor has completed this request, the bettor will receive an invitation to enter the VIP program. The advantage or benefit of joining a VIP and continuing to climb in it is that bettors can get a bigger bonus, a higher withdrawal limit for winnings or withdrawals compared to regular bettors as well as a higher betting limit at the table than before. This is a limited or limited access and cannot be done by all members of the agent. In other words, only elite members can feel this kind of enjoyment or profitable VIP rewards including exclusive promotions and also interesting event invitation promos for you to play on the gambling site to get big prizes.

Play at the table with high limit betting

It is very common for trusted online roulette gambling agents to provide tables with high betting limits that can actually be accessed by anyone. But of course you have to look for the most trusted one first and see how high the betting limit is and compare it to other casino gambling agents. Usually a table like this also has special instructions for high rollers and can be played without having to join a VIP club at all so as to maximize bets and chances to win.

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Types of Bets in the Trusted Online Live Casino Gambling Games

If you want to be successful in playing the trusted online casino Blackjack, then you have to know which bet options to take other than Hit and Stand. If you want to always be successful in playing Blackjack gambling, then never forget to use and stick to the basic strategy or Basic Method in this trusted online gambling game. If you forget the point, then you can lose your way and end up being controlled by the dealer and your desire to beat him, but in a way that will make you lose even more bets. What are the bets that bettors can play on trusted online blackjack gambling?
Blackjack is not a complicated online gambling game to play as long as you understand the method to play it. If you don’t understand at all, then it’s quite impossible to beat the dealer because the essence of this game is not collecting 21 to win but beating the dealer live casino88 with a higher card value and does not have to be 21 because collecting this nominal is indeed difficult unless from the start you have got Blackjack.

However, there are still several ways that can be used to be successful and can anticipate the dealer’s game and the choices they will make in this game by choosing the right type of bet or choices that can give you a profit and here it is:

Double Down

This is a bet that will apply if you have the desire to double the bet you made on the table and you are also only given the opportunity to be able to take only one card as an addition. However, this Double Down method cannot be used at any time because you can only do this if you have a card nominal with a value of 8, 9, 10 and 11. Lower than the nominal you cannot.

Split or split cards

Here players will try to separate the first two cards they have into two separate cards or into 2 different bets and then the bettor will double their bet again. The two cards that have been separated in value must be the same as a pair of cards with numbers 8-8 or also King or Queen. When in a split condition, a card with a value of 10 and an ace card will automatically be counted as 21 but not pure Blackjack. In other words, they don’t pay a 3:2 face value but are still very likely to beat the dealer’s hand of 20 or maybe less. What’s more, after splitting the US-US, the bettor is only allowed to add 1 more card for each US-split card.


Surrender means to give up or you choose not to participate in this game. In some online card gambling agents, you can choose to Surrender with a nominal half of the bet you have without playing but this can also be done before playing or after you follow whether the dealer has Blackjack or not. Surrender can be done if the dealer shows some good cards, such as 9-US while in the bettor position, you only have cards with a nominal value of 5-7 or 12-16. When the dealer is in a favorable position where they have an ace, then they can also open up the next card directly to see if he gets Blackjack or not.

This is a betting option other than Hits and Stands that you can do in this trusted online live casino Blackjack gambling game because just Hits and Stands are still not enough to give you victory when playing this 21 gambling. Remember that the dealer will not always get good cards so you can focus on collecting cards with high values ​​to beat them.

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